Fishing experience

"The biggest gift you can give to another fisherman is to put a good fish back "

- Lee Wulff

Great Cold - Great Fishing

I was craving for fishing, although the cold weather. I wend out and got my expectations low. It turned out to be the best fishing so far for this year. 

Challenging fishing in muddy stream

The start of trout fishing season has began! I went by a steam close to my place but it turned out to be a muddy and full of water. After all, it was amazing fishing experience. 

Big Brown Trout 50+

A dreamed trip out for a big fish at the stream. 

Fishing with wobblers and light hook

Unknown rivers bring big surprises. Hunting for big brown trout but got an unexpected end. 

Amazing fishing trip

Fishing for American and brown trout with wobblers.